Associate Professor at the Dept. of Mathematics at UPC-BarcelonaTECH, at the Barcelona School of Building Construction (EPSEB, Catalonia, Spain). 30+ years experience at UPC and 25+ at Open University of Catalonia (UOC, online). Vice-dean Head of Studies (2002-2008) and Vice-dean for Mobility (2009-2012) at EPSEB. Director of the Master’s degree in Advanced Building Construction (2009-2012) and since 2004 Head of the Institute for Statistics and Mathematics Applied to Building Construction. Principal Investigator at UPC in 10 competitive research/innovation in education projects. He has been participating in 25+ STA exchange visits with an extensive network of collaborations in innovation and research projects across the EU. His research areas are survival analysis techniques and longitudinal data analysis. Member of several research groups, with a  production of 20+ papers in JCR, 80+ conference papers in international meetings, 40+ Scopus entries. Granted research stays at Harvard University, Hasselt University, UOC, Trinity College Dublin, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and Universidad de La Sabana, and Visiting Professor at University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland).


Since 1992 she has been Associate professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the UPC Barcelona School of Civil Engineering. She was head of studies from 2007 to 2012, Assistant Director of Innovation and Mobility from 2013 to 2016, and Assistant Director of Mobility and Teaching Quality from 2016 to 2021. Her experience is large in educational innovation projects, funded by the Catalan government, European projects and the UPC itself. She is author of several Calculus books, two of them published by Pearson Education and one of them includes a course with interactive laboratories and exercises in Moodle. She was the coordinator of the MOOC project “The Language of Engineering” on the UPC’s MOOC platform and was awarded the 21st UPC award for Quality in University Teaching in 2018.


PhD in Mathematics, specializing in topological and convergence groups. Associate professor at the Dept. of Mathematics at UPC-BarcelonaTECH, at the Barcelona School of Building Construction (EPSEB, Catalonia, Spain), since 1988. Actively participating in the elaboration of material for the new educational platforms, in the Tutorial Plan and in the Promotion Plan of the UPC. Member of the aCTeX (Scientific and Technical Network Self-Learning) innovation project and the EngiMath@UPC+. Recently certified as a coach, specialist in educational coaching.


Since 1988, associate professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UPC-BarcelonaTECH, at the Barcelona School of Civil Engineering (ETSECCPB, Catalonia, Spain). His primary areas of research and publications are Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Networks), where he has co-authored more than 50 publications. Since the beginning in teaching of Mathematics, he has been interested in the improvement of learning processes; in this regard, together with other three professors at UPC he developed in 2001 the project ”Algweb: interactive tools for self-learning of Algebra”, which was awarded by UPC with the “4th award to the quality in teaching at university”.


Associate professor at UPC. Along his career has been in charge of more than 30 different courses. He has incorporated the use of several software packages (Mathematica, Maple, Sage, Geogebra, Python) in these courses, not only as a tool for computing, but mainly as a gate to experiencing and discovering mathematics. He is also an active researcher in the field of Number Theory, with about 25 publications in high impact journals.

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