Selver Softic

Migration of the Web Site finished

A great day today we finished the migration of data from the former web site. Now we are starting to develop the concept for uploading the OERs to our library. Looking forward this exciting challenge.

Selver Softic

Poster presentation at Forschungsforum 2023

OER in mathematics: a state of the art analysis

Andriichenko, Yevheniia; Schirgi, Eva; Softic, Selver

FH CAMPUS 02, Austria

Open Educational Resources (OER) are implemented at Austrian universities in a similar way to other already institutionalized Open Science activities, often in the form of Open Lectures. There is now broad agreement that open educational resources have many advantages for (university) learning.

The research project Gate2Math: Open multilingual smart library for mathematical resources supporting efficient learning, a project from the Erasmus+-Partnerships for cooperation program, focuses on the use of ICT measures, in particular mathematical OER, for competitive and innovative education. As part of a university education, gaps in mathematical fundamentals must (increasingly) be closed and opportunities for independent development of content must be offered. An accessible, reliable and high-quality knowledge base in the form of (mathematical) OER is a good and necessary resource in our time.

Selver Softic

Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting took place in Tallinn at TTK University of Applied Sciences on 13-14 of October. The cooperation has begun!

The partners got to know each other, shared information and had discussions about project activities. 

Now we are working on the second workpackage, which is OER smart library platform, and third work package, which is OER development.

Press releases: 

  • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, 
  • CAMPUS02 Fahhochschule der Wirtschaft, 
  • TLU (in Intranet),
  • UPC (oral presentation in the plenary meeting at the Department of Mathematics and in the plenary meeting of the Barcelona School of Building Construction).