Helen Kiis

A comprehensive report on Open Educational Resources (OER) is now available.

The report is specifically tailored for educational institutions, prospective educators, and OER developers and provides a practical guide for the evaluation of both existing and newly created OER, offering valuable insights to enhance educational practices.

Key Highlights of the Report:

Practical Evaluation Framework: The report introduces OER assessment system that furnishes a practical and user-friendly tool for evaluating the quality and effectiveness of existing or newly developed OER. This framework is designed to facilitate a seamless integration of OER into educational settings.

Literature Review Support: For individuals engaged in research or those seeking a deeper understanding of OER-related topics, the report includes a comprehensive literature review.

Ideas for Educational Institutions: Educational institutions will find the report particularly beneficial as it offers practical ideas on how to integrate and implement OER in their teaching practices. The framework serves as a guide for educators, providing inspiration and strategies for maximizing the impact of OER on student learning experiences.

The full report can be found from https://gate2math.eu/outputs/

The report is made under the project Gate2Math. The project´s primary objective is to establish a comprehensive, multilingual open library dedicated to mathematical resources. A web-based platform is being developed, which will provide educational materials for both educators and students in the form of Open Educational Resources (OERs). These resources will be available in both the national language and English and will encompass various formats such as short videos, animations, puzzles, and worksheets.

Gate2Math is financed by Erasmus+, the EU’s program to support education, training, youth, and sport in Europe, developed in close cooperation with six partner universities across Europe and led by TTK University of Applied Sciences in Estonia.